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    Attention UHNW Investors and Institutions: Unlock the Power of Your Publicly Held Shares

    Are you looking for a fast and efficient way to access liquidity for your publicly held shares? If so, you've come to the right place.


    At RDE Stockloans, we understand the challenges that come with being a UHNW investor or institution. That's why we've developed a solution that provides you with direct loan options in the form of a Stockloan.

    What is a Stockloan?


    A Stockloan is a tool used by corporate executives, investors, and UHNW individuals to improve their liquidity. Unlike traditional loans, Stockloans are non-recourse, meaning that they don't involve the transfer of ownership. This allows investors to leverage their ownership of publicly held shares to obtain liquidity for various purposes, such as investment capital, purchases, risk mitigation, or any other reason you see fit.


    With RDE Stockloans, you can access private liquidity from the capital markets through our Stockloans. Our team of experts works with clients in over 80 exchanges globally and 100+ countries, making us a direct provider of private liquidity.


    Borrow from $10 Million to $1 Billion +. Whether you need cash for your assets in the USA or internationally, we can help you. We work on all major global exchanges, excluding restricted zones, and offer custom loan solutions to meet your specific needs.


    Our loan amounts range from $10 million to $1 billion, making us a versatile option for UHNW investors and institutions. With over $1 billion in funding already provided, you can trust that RDE Stockloans has the experience and expertise to help you access the liquidity you need.


    Ask Us for a Term Sheet

    At RDE Stockloans, we believe that your financial goals should be met with custom solutions, that meet your specific needs. That's why we offer customized term sheets for each of our clients.


    So, if you're ready to unlock the power of your publicly held shares, reach out to us today for a term sheet. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a Stockloan solution that meets your specific financial needs.

    Don't let liquidity challenges hold you back.




    Contact RDE Stockloans today and take control of your financial future.

    • NO Additional Collateral
    • NO restrictions on uses
    • NO Title Transfer (Indonesia only).
    • Typically funded in 3-10 days
    • OTC
    • Low-Interest rates 2-6%
    • Simple Paperwork
    • Can be tax differed IRS Code 142 (QRP) consult CPA.
    • Unlimited funding ($1 Mil to $1 Billion)
    • Keep 100% ownership of shares
    • Funding in 80 Exchanges Globally
    • No Credit Check

    Security-based debt is private and unreportable in most jurisdictions and most often is used by shareholders to defer taxes IRS Code 142 (QRP) and sometimes used to raise capital for the purchase of luxury goods, assets like real estate, funding startups, buying a jet, boat, helicopter, or for any reason whatsoever, and it usually provides tax reduction to legally avoid capital gains taxes, due to a sell-off of stocks.


    You keep 100% of the control of shares of your company, and dividends are paid to you; since you remain the owner. (Consult CPA).


    Our process is simple. Tell us how many shares of stocks you are pledging, the stock ticker symbol, and the amount of the loan, and the length of the loan 1-10 years. Our loans LTV typically range from 60%.


    The LTV and the Loan will be reviewed in underwriting, and the market cap and the liquidity are key factors that will determine eligibility.




    1. Ticker Symbol.

    2. Stock Exchange-listed.

    3. Number of shares pledging.

    4. Loan Amount Requested.

    5. Loan Duration: 1-10 years

    Compliance Disclaimer for Regulators, Government Agencies, and Auditors

    As an authorized representative of our financial entities, we provide the following compliance disclaimer to clarify our operational scope and licensing status. This statement informs regulators, government agencies, and auditors about our legal standing and the nature of our business activities.


    Authorized Representative Statement

    We hereby affirm that our firm is not engaged in the business of selling stocks or other securities. Instead, our operations are strictly confined to providing stock loans, as delineated by U.S. federal regulations.


    This distinction is crucial in understanding our compliance obligations and regulatory requirements.

    Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

    1. Stock Loans Lending Business
    • Our primary business function is to offer stock loans. As per the relevant U.S. federal regulations, our activities do not necessitate obtaining a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) license or a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) license.
    1. Partnership with Licensed Entities
    • While we do not hold licenses for selling securities, we maintain strategic partnerships with entities that possess all necessary licenses and regulatory approvals. These partners ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations about securities transactions.
    1. Regulatory Adherence
    • Our firm adheres strictly to all federal, state, and local regulations governing our lending activities. We operate under the guidelines and oversight of relevant regulatory bodies to ensure full legal compliance.

    Disclaimer for Regulatory Bodies

    We emphasize that our business model is exclusively focused on stock loans and related lending services. Any engagement with securities is conducted through our licensed partners, who carry the requisite regulatory approvals. Our role is limited to facilitating these loans, and we do not engage in activities that would require us to hold a securities broker or seller license.

    LICENSES and Registrations:






    Legal Compliance Framework for Client Protection


    At our firm, we prioritize the security and protection of our clients by adhering to rigorous legal compliance standards. We have undertaken comprehensive measures to ensure that our operations meet all necessary legal requirements, safeguarding our client's interests at every step. The following details outline our compliance credentials and the legal framework governing our operations.


    Licensing and Registrations


    1. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Enrollment

    - New Firm Enrollment under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

    - Note: Our firm operates as a lender and not as a seller of securities.


    2. Agency Financial Products (AFP)

    - License Number: #####81


    3. Managed Service Provider (MSP)

    - License Number: #### 23


    4. Stock Loans



    5. SNAP-R

    - Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security


    6. Department of State Licenses

    - DSP-61: License for defense service exports

    - DSP-73: License for temporary export/import of defense articles


    7. U.S. Department of Commerce

    - Bureau of Industry and Security


    8. IRS CARES Act / CPA - ERC Program


    9. Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

    - License Pending


    Bank Officer Identifications


    1. Dr. Richard E

    - Bank Officer ID: ###############6242


    2. Caribbean Bank Officer

    - Officer ID: ###/##/##/207307


    3. Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS)

    - U.S. ID: #### 2610907


    Insurance Certification


    - Certified Insurance Industry Refresher Course (CIIF)

    - Certificate Number:######3389


    Legal Compliance Framework


    Our firm is not a securities broker but operates as a mercantile bank in partnership with registered securities brokers. This distinction is crucial for maintaining the integrity and legality of our operations. Here are the key legal statutes and regulations that we adhere to:


    1. Federal and State Licensing

    - We ensure that all financial institutions we partner with are licensed by federal, state, and other relevant legal entities. This compliance guarantees that our services are conducted within the legal boundaries established by regulatory authorities.


    2. Partnerships with Registered Securities Brokers

    - By partnering with registered securities brokers, we enhance our clients' financial protection while maintaining compliance with securities regulations. This partnership allows us to provide a broader range of services while adhering to legal requirements.


    3. Adherence to EMIR and Other Regulations

    - Our enrollment with the FCA under EMIR ensures that our operations comply with European financial regulations, providing additional protection and transparency for our clients.


    4. Compliance with U.S. Department of Commerce and IRS Regulations

    - Our licenses and certifications with the Bureau of Industry and Security and the IRS CARES Act/CPA-ERC Program further demonstrate our commitment to legal compliance and client protection.


    -- Commitment to Client Protection


    We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of legal compliance to protect our client's interests. Our comprehensive licensing, partnerships, and adherence to federal, state, and international regulations, to ensure that our clients can trust in the security and legality of our services.


    For any questions or further details about our compliance measures, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to transparency and client protection at all times.




    Contact Information:

    - Email: mrrichardencarnacion@gmail.com)


    We look forward to continuing to serve you with the highest standards of legal compliance and client protection.


    Registered, but not a membership member of the American Bankers Association.

    We can lend from all major exchanges in the world, shares must be unrestricted and have electronic status. NEWTEK SERVICES AND LINK TO PRODUCT COMING SOON!


    -STOCK LOANS for Publicly Traded stocks in 80 Exchanges






    -SBLC Provider Facilitator (LEASE or Purchase)



    -LARGE FUNDING (Government or Bank Based)


    Project Funding: $100 M to $50 B (Due Diligence Needed, 20% Project down qualified shovel-ready projects.)


    • Project Consultations Advisory Service (Startup, IPO to Fortune 500)
    • Project Funding Strategy Consultation

    Loans and Project Funding

    We provide Unsecured funding and secured funding, business loans & project financing worldwide. We DO NOT discriminate against any nationality, skin color, race, or religion. This means that ALL COUNTRIES are welcome as long as the project or business is viable we will provide the needed loan or funding. (Requirements Apply).


    Most importantly, we provide both secured loans and unsecured loans and our loan interest rate vary. So if you have any viable business or project that needs funding, kindly send us an email for more details.


    WE PROVIDE LOAN FUNDING FOR: (NON-STOCKLOAN PROGRAM). PRIVATE & PUBLIC Partner for international Economic development. and more


    Not Idea firms that are already developed, For seed funding we only offer in USA (Seed or pre-revenue only in USA). Established firms below.

    Automatic Startup Funding Application Here!!



    Crypto Loan Program (CLP) LTV Based on CRYPTO

    Top 10 Cyptos for loans: Minimum $10 m- $1 B max

    Must follow our procedures- All procedures will be discarded.
    Required Due Diligence




    $100k-$1m (Micro Trade) $1 M- $20M (CLIENT KYC/CIS AND POF 24-72 HOURS).

    TOP 100 BANKS ---> List of the world top 100 Banks

    3 Month Program


    Apply Here  







    $100 Million - $500 Million - $1 Billion

    10 Day Bullet

    40 Week Trading

    100%-200% Monthly Return * (HISTORICAL ESTIMATES)


    Required Due Diligence-

    Apply Here





    Newtek Payments Solutions:





    MSP: Managed Services Solutions - Technology Services

    Technology Service Solutions - IT Professional Services

    Web Design Services (WEB HOSTING)- Professional Design Services


    BANKING : BANKING vs Personal.


    ▪ Payment System

    Seamlessly handles payments, payroll, ecommerce,

    and more, so you can focus on growing your business


    ▪ Instant Merchant Accounts

    Start accepting payments in as little as 7 minutes


    ▪ Mobile Payments

    Accept payments right from your smartphone for

    greater convenience and control


    ▪ Ecommerce Integration

    Sell online in no time with an all-in-one solution that

    offers industry-leading security, and the highest level

    of single-contact support


    ▪ Reporting & Accounting

    Unlimited integrations and detailed reporting through

    a web-based dashboard that saves time and

    increases efficiency


    ▪ Zero Cost Processing

    Reduce your payment processing rate to as little as



    ▪ Security & PCI Compliance

    Leverage protection programs that keep your

    business compliant and your customer data secure



    Once the full package submitted, Compliance to review, within about five business days, on green lite and decide to continue the process, the client will accept the offer of funding, the procedure, and schedules for performance.


    Procedures Outline:


    1.) The funder responds with a delivery of a non-binding Term Sheet.


    2.) After the client reviewed the Term Sheet and shared with his bank, which must be signed and if possible stamped as “Acknowledgment” by the bank.


    3.) The process is bank to a bank basis (DVP settlement).


    In heaven forbid which were allegedly forging documents or attempt of fraud, the company is obligated under law to notify the authorities, which could result in a criminal investigation as well as entry to the blacklist.




    ZOOM Meeting, Are charged at $500 USD per 20 minutes

    International Project review fee for Business Plans, Decks, pro formas. $3,999 (USD)

    USA Projects Project Review fee for Business Plans, Decks, pro formas. $3,999 (USD)

    Attorney Background Check per project over $100m - $1 B+ : $4,999 USD


    Raise : $25k+ (Must be officer) or with FINRA Banker we work. Fee is Non-Refundable. We will charge a percentage

    of the raise, upon successful raise.


    SBLC Fresh Cut- Lease/Purchase/Trading

    SBLC lease or purchase, clients can obtain an SBLC for monetization for trade or import and export, from a tier one bank, or trade bank. $10 Million to $500 Million with R & E , Corporations, UHNW investors. (CLIENT KYC and POF required upfront).





    procedure step by step



    SBLC Monetization



    -Bond- Euroclear

    -KYC - Video Conference with seller

    -Due diligence:


    Stocks Funding Program:  

    • Stocks.
    • Penny stocks


    ​In order to get a funding offer, the following documents need to be submitted for review and due diligence:

    1. Application/Letter of Request.
    2. KYC/CIS on Corporations letterhead


    1. Procedures Outline:
    2. The funder responds with a delivery of a non-binding Term Sheet.
    3. After the client reviewed the Term Sheet and sign, the funder issues a Repo Agreement.
    4. After the client signs the Repo Agreement, the funder will prepare the custody statement, The process basis (DVP/OTC settlement).


    -- In heaven forbid which were allegedly forging documents or attempt of fraud, the company is obligated under law to notify the authorities, which could result in a criminal investigation as well as entry to the blacklist.




    RDE has a network of established private providers of bank securities/instruments services who can freshly cut bank BG's (Bank Guarantee), SBLC's (Standby Letter of Credit).




    The Owner / TRADING PARTNER never releases his / her assets or funds. The owner always keeps possession of their asset.

    Such opportunities are very rare. and valuation of the assets is done by the Settlement Bank.

    It is not possible to provide the full list of acceptable assets, but just to mention a few: German Bonds, Super Petchilis, Historical Assets, Gold / Gemstones, Commodities, Copper powder, Nickel wire, In-ground, US Bonds, FRN’s, etc.


    If your asset is not listed, please inquire. (CLOSED)



    Our team works with a traditional project-driven platform licensed and regulated by UN [United Nations], IMF [International Monetary Fund], World Bank, and ECB [European Central Bank].

    Trading bank at London.
    100M minimum as per licensed PPP regulation.


    Standard MT799 to simply verify funds, or Admin Hold for ECB screen compliant countries.
    We do not need MT760s, unless under regulation the clients are from (Not ACCEPTED Russian) or South American Banks


    Real Estate Funding

    -Fix and Flip (70% LTV up to 80% LTV)

    -For residential and commercial


    -Commercial Real Estate

    -New Development


    $500K To $50 Million Dollars. New Investors, 75% funding for projects, and up to 100% for new project developments.


    Seed Funding

    Seed funding to start or grow your small business, we help business owners who are seeking seed-based capital.

    We can provide up to $300k for Seed-based entrepreneurs, must have a minimum 680 FICO score. For unsecured business credit.


    -Real estate





    e-MAIL: mrrichardencarnacion@gmail.com with the application. And notes on the requested funding purposes.


    Real Estate Development Funding - Only USA/Canada/UK

    $100 M to $50 Billion


    Project development funding with land or without land. (Client must have capital 20% required by banks for funding, underwriting and documentation review or administrative cost and closing cost will apply.


    Securities financing transactions (SFTs) allow investors and firms to use assets, such as the shares or bonds they own, to secure funding for their activities.


    We are connected with our Trade Managers at the Trade Desk in London, Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

    We are constantly updated, about Tier 1 Trade Programs (PPPs) opportunities and about Financial Instrument transactions, coming from Top players of the Secondary Financial Market (SFM).


    Types of Asset acceptable

    ZOOM- Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.



    ‘trade desks’ and the instruments (BG’s, SBLC) aside from cash, they trade-in. They specialize in one particular trading structure: ARBITRAGE. This unique trading process delivers exceptional returns that can make a major contribution, or completely finance your project.


    -Follow the instructions provided on each service to qualify.


    -Criminals will be reported to USA FINCEN, DOJ, INTERPOL, FBI, federal and international agencies.

    -Wallstreet Watch Dog


    Trade Programs on a Private Placement basis, can be applied without the client moving the funds from his own bank account. (0nly for Trade deals, with verified KYC and POF).

    Cash fund must be in a checking or savings account, the funds are never at risk because the client does not to wire transfer the cash fund to a third-party bank account.

    All the procedures are bank-to-bank and based on SWIFT messages with internal banking protocol messages.
    Every step of the bank-to-bank procedure is with full banking responsibility and the funds are blocked into the client’s bank with an MT-799 Swift, an administrative hold or sometimes it’s possible that the Trader Desk operates the funds through a Tear Sheet.

    The cash funds for the Trade Program (PPP) can be represented by a financial instrument as well, like a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or a Bank Guarantee (BG), issued by top-rated banks. In that case, the Platform Trade Desk will first monetize the instrument and after the monetization process ends, the Loan to Value will be used to go on Trade.


    Client always stays in control, in reference to the Platform.

    Money does not move from the client’s bank account. If the client’s bank does not qualify, we can open a bank account at exclusive client’s signature at top-rated Banks in Europe, UK, Switzerland, and Singapore, to set up the Trade with the Transaction Bank.


    Bank Receiver: Mt103, GPI Direct AUTO, T/T, Wire

    $10 Million - $10 B + (MUST BECOME BANK CLIENT- Banking Fees apply)

    Sign ICC NCNDA & JVA agreement.


    Open A Bank SKR: with SWIFT MT542

    Add asset to bank SKR $100k - Banking Fee.

    Swift MT542 Enabled.


    Returns are GUARANTEED by Contract, issued by Trader Company, not best efforts.

    Most common Large Trade PPP we can arrange are:
    #Evergreen Trade Program Managed by Singapore Platform
    #Classic Trade Program managed in UK
    #Interesting Trade Program option by Switzerland Platform
    #Small Cap


    SMALL CAP PPP TRADE (COD. ####E-##-23-03-11)

    We are pleased to provide you with a general prospectus in writing that will allow you to make your assessments, regarding the launch of a preparatory process for your PPP Trade.


    Returns are GUARANTEED by Contract issued by Trader Company, not the best efforts.

    Trading is executed through UBS, Switzerland Deutsche Bank, Switzerland, or Barclays, London.

    Entry is with a 10 million USD/EUR/GBP cash-fund


    Cash funds have to be deposited in a bank with an excellent rating and in an accepted country.

    Profits are GUARANTEED by Trader Company Contract, not best efforts.

    The client’s bank will block the funds or would issue an SBLC if needed or according to an agreement.

    • KYC physically signed in wet blue ink.
    • Proof of funds: a screenshot of the account from the client’s online banking or Tear sheet or current bank statement signed by two bank officers along with their business cards.
    • Corporate certificate (for corporate submission)



    Paymaster agreement

    Transactions are reported to FINCEN.

    KYC - New Client Will need background check & zoom Meeting prior to acceptance.



    Advisory Solutions

    Funding is determined on a case-by-case basis.


    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.


    Apply for funding here---> Get Business Funding











    Please read carefully before reaching out!


    Intended Receipient Only:


    We aim to speak exclusively with serious clients for large transactions. Please be aware that a significant percentage of inquiries are fraudulent or do not result in closed deals. Use our cybercrime fraud check if you are uncertain to avoid unnecessary costs, time, and energy.


    Compliance and Due Diligence


    We must conduct thorough due diligence for each transaction to prevent international money laundering and comply with AML laws. This is non-negotiable. Proper due diligence ensures safe and legal transactions. Without it, funds will be blocked, and authorities may take action against all parties involved.


    Costs and Requirements


    - Underwriting Documentation and Due Diligence Fee: $2,997

    - Background Check: $997

    - Total for Major Financial Projects: $4,999


    All contracts include a 2% performance clause, which is mandatory. If this is not acceptable, we will decline the deal.


    --- Legal Notice on NCNDA and Confidentiality Agreement


    The Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) and Confidentiality Agreement include a $10 million penalty per occurrence for any violations. This penalty will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law, including Swiss Banking, ICC, New York, and Hong Kong Banking laws and other applicable international laws. Violations include breaches of confidentiality, trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, circumvention, and federal and state laws.


    Penalties for violations can include:


    - Monetary Fines: Up to $10 million per occurrence.

    - Imprisonment: Up to 10 years in federal prison.

    - Additional Penalties: Maximum fines and other legal repercussions for breaches of federal, state, financial, or banking laws related to restricted assets, trade secrets, intellectual property, and more.


    Please ensure you understand these terms fully before proceeding.


    For further information on avoiding fraud and ensuring company legitimacy, please refer to these resources:


    - [How to Spot, Avoid, and Report Fake Check Scams](https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-spot-avoid-report-fake-check-scams)

    - [Check If a Company Is Legitimate](https://www.idenfy.com/blog/check-if-a-company-is-legitimate/)


    RDE Group Financial Solutions


    About Us:

    RDE Group, led by Dr. Richard Encarnacion, is a reputable merchant bank approved by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, and North America Bank Card, alongside institutional and federal governing entities. Operating under a partnership (ISO/MSP) and holding a banking license in the Caribbean via Euro Exim Bank and other global banks, we are a direct banking partner, not a broker. We comply with USA banking laws on ISO/MSP and other applicable regulations, As an institutional grade partner to Banks, institutions and Nasdaq and NYSE listed firms.


    Our Services:

    We function as a consulting firm authorized to provide financial solutions through strategic partnerships. Our services include:


    - Platform trade submissions

    - Monetization

    - Government funding

    - Financial and paper transactions


    We partner with various entities, maintaining confidentiality for all clients. To access our services, please contact our admin.


    Global Reach and Expertise:

    Dr. Richard Encarnacion is a representative of four institutions issuing banking papers, located in Canada and the Caribbean. He also brokers for two independent investment banks in Hong Kong. We offer Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 banking papers, fully insured and regulated by applicable laws. Additionally, Dr. Encarnacion is an affiliated partner of a USA Wall Street small commercial bank and is authorized to submit government deals for economic development, project funding, and major projects to top platforms worldwide, including the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Switzerland.


    Commitment to Integrity:

    We are committed to providing legitimate financial instruments and working with direct clients, institutions, and banks to benefit end investors and entrepreneurs. We strictly report all financial and trade crimes. While we ensure due diligence, we urge clients to conduct their own investigations and consult attorneys before engaging in financial transactions.



    - We do not guarantee financial outcomes for submitted deals.

    - We do not protect capital investments or financial obligations.

    - Clients are responsible for their own due diligence and legal fees.

    - We report scammers and spammers to the authorities in their respective countries.


    Contact Us:

    For more information or to access our services, please visit our website or contact our administration.


    Useful Resources:

    - [Know Your Customer (KYC) with AU10TIX]

    - [ID Verification and KYC with Jumio](


    For further inquiries or to discuss potential financial solutions, please reach out to us directly.

  • Benefits of A Stockloan/Securities Loan

    Quick Snap Shot.




    Best Interest Terms


    No Additional Collateral

    Stocks are the collateral

    Fast Term Sheet

    Offers within 24-96 Hours

    Quick Review, Underwriting.


    SCG, R*, Wallstreet Banks

    Direct Lenders

    $1 Mil to Unlimited

    Tax Exempt:

    Reduce tax liability IRS Tax code 1042. (QRP)


    Trusted Custodian Transfer

    Fast Closing

    96 hours. Fastest closing in the industry

    Keep 100% Securities Ownership

    Dividen payout.

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    Golden Tree, GIC: ISO9001:2015 certified. IAF, IAS.

  • Business Consultant.

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